You have just discovered something of such awe and power that you cannot fully imagine or explain it. At this point your options are to ignore it, share it, or hide it. The North American Indians chose to share it amongst themselves calling them, Star People. The U.S. Government chose to hide it in plain sight within a system they call, National Parks and Forests. This is an overview of what I have found and wish to present in my book and web site.

A review of North American History and those who traveled there to claim, live and control it may be comprised of both Human and Alien adventurists. Man migrated to North America thousands of years ago and that study continues. Could visiting Alien’s have also claimed this area during the time of Man and could there be evidence of it? Many in North America have reported sightings of Alien’s on the ground and their craft in the skies, but could there also be evidence of Man’s interaction with Alien’s in our History? This theory may show that such a relationship has taken place.

The TRIANGLE that I write of is not a thing, it is a place in North America with a rich history of Man’s conquest for life and control of his destiny here on Earth and in Space. Locations in and around this triangle have been the breeding grounds for weapons and technologies that have won wars, kept wars from starting and have placed man in orbit and on the moon. This is the same area where several North American Indian Tribes live and have had a spiritual and personal relationship with their Star People.

The TRIANGLE opens the possibility that the Human race may not be alone in the Universe. It is a concept to question, have we been interacting with visitors here on Earth and in the Southwest for thousands of years?

Please join me in this book review that could lead you on new paths to the mysteries of the Southwest.

Andrew Oien

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