I created this page to help explain the relationship between my research and 2013 book with that of The Jim Ragsdale Story of 1996 - 97. My book is follow on research of the Ragsdale crash site location near Boy Scout Mountain, New Mexico and how it may tie into possible past and present Alien / UFO activity in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

Some of the images shown are that of the 1996 and 97 book and video tape that were both written, printed, created and sold only in Roswell, New Mexico at The International UFO Museum and Research Center from 1996 to the early 2000's. At some point in time, newer management at the Museum decided to stop selling the material taking the Ragsdale Story off their book shelf. I am hoping that they placed a few copies into their library history files where you could still find them to review. Before this occurred, I already had a strong interest in this story and had started my own research. So, although the Museum appears to have given up on the Ragsdale Story's crash site near Boy Scout Mountain, I have not.

Some of the other images shown are of Jim Ragsdale, Max Littell, Stanton T. Friedman and myself. I had met Mr. Friedman at one of his lectures at my local MUFON group in CA. I have not worked with Mr. Friedman on my research but he did allowed me to quote some of his work in the Ragsdale Story. I was in touch with Max Littell (now passed away) and have been in touch with Ragsdale Productions, Inc. who have allowed me to quote some of their work from The Ragsdale Story and to show some of the images from it.

After my review of the Ragsdale Story and visiting the crash site in 1996 I suggested to Max L. that a search for aerial photos of Boy Scout Mountain may locate before and after photos of the 1947 event. These photos, if found, may show possible damage to the forest where the crash occurred and the object was picked up by heavy equipment. The review of aerial photos of this crash site area on BLM land by Max L., myself and others reveled that a 1946 photo was available (7 months before the event) but some other possible photos after 1946 were not.

This brings up the question as to why our U.S. Government might hide away any photos of this area? Could aerial photos of Boy Scout Mountain have been cataloged and available for public viewing until investigators of the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident started publishing their books in the early 1990's? ‚Äč

Permission to show images of the Ragsdale 1996 and 1997 books and video tape, the 1996 aerial photo report and (my) 2013 book was granted to A. Oien by Ragsdale Productions, Inc. of Roswell, New Mexico, the Platt family of Colorado and Dorrance Publishing of Pennsylvania.


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