• Somethings Out There 9:46

These photos are from our May, 1996 visit to New Mexico and parts of Texas, U.S.A.

4 photos are of Guadalupe Peak, TX. 1 is the original taken through the front windshield and the other 3 are zoomed in. Back then, I did not notice what appears to be patterns of lights to the right and left of the mountain. I zoomed into what looks like 2 groups of 3 lights. Today, many have called similar groups of lights possible Triangle UFO sightings. I can not say that the lights in my photo are the same type of sighting, but I do find them interesting.

2 other photos are of our visit to the area near the 1947 UFO debris site near Corona, New Mexico. I was on top of the vehicle to take photos and then my wife took a photo of me pointing to the distant UFO crash site some 30 miles away. The cloud in the photo was not seen at the time the photo was taken.