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Boy Scout Mountain, 2019

60 miles west of Roswell, New Mexico

Location of the Jim Ragsdale 1947 UFO Crash Site​​

After reviewing the 1947 UFO Debris and Crash sites from the Jim Ragsdale Story I found a North to South flight path of the doomed UFO. This flight path when projected to the North and South of the crash site extended over 2 mountain peaks, Blanca peak of CO and Guadalupe Peak of TX. Both locations were made into National Parks in 1932 and 1972.

My theory is that the doomed UFO was flying from one Alien underground base to another at these 2 locations and did not make it due to an onboard explosion that created the Debris site. It is also my theory that the US Government has known of these Alien visitors for some time now and made an agreement to hide their bases using our National Park system. This allows for our Government to continue work with the visitors while they continue to study humans. 

There have been several forest fires at the crash sight area from 1947 on. Whatever natural evidence of a crashed UFO that might have been there such as a pathway of mowed down trees is gone now.

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​Roswell, NM

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