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Andrew and Julia Oien
Art Work

Lauren Oien

Parks have rules, regulations, pathways to follow and warning signs to help keep you safe. This Park has some extra considerations for their guests:

- Your entire visit will be watched and recorded by the U.S. Government and visiting Alien beings.

- There’s a 10% chance that you will be taken by the Aliens for study sometime during your stay.

- There’s a 5% chance that if taken, you will not return.

- There’s 2% chance that if taken and returned, you will remember any of it.

National Park Ranger John Sloan is close to retirement after his 19 years of service. He has requested a new Park location to wind down and finish his career. Once settled into the new Park, he notices he doesn’t fit in well with his co-workers. He doesn’t realize that the other Park Rangers have all been handpicked for this work having special training and high level security clearances. Both John and his co-workers will soon realize that he was relocated to the wrong Park.

During his first week on the job, a child goes missing and the search is on--but not really. That bothers John--a lot. When his fellow Rangers fail to follow proper search procedures he embarks on a quest to find the child on his own. It is then that he unravels a conspiracy between our Government and the visiting Aliens.

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Dear UFO and Sci-Fi reviewers;

My work to date is based on theory as I have not yet met an off World Alien and I am not sure if the object I saw operating over area 51 was a UFO having seen it from many miles away.

My first book and those that follow were born of my interest and hobby to investigate the strange UFO occurrences in North America and their having any relationship with our Human history.

This second book will review the north end of the Triangle in Colorado. Our Human activity in this area indicate to me a calling for us to gather in this place. A calling that has interested Man for possibly hundreds or thousands of years now.

The photos shown here are from my 2014 visit and drive by of the UFO Watchtower, the Sand Dunes National Park, Blanca Peak and the mountain range on the north side of the Sand Dunes.

Although this Sci-Fi story is about real places, the people and activities that take place are not real.

My best regards to you,

Andrew Oien