Earth's most powerful protector and menace watches from its throne room and star ship hidden in high orbit over earth.

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Nearly an eon ago, intelligent life forms in our galaxy began to travel beyond their planets to seek out others hoping they were not alone. In doing so, many different races of beings were discovered and most wished for continued interaction. To that end, a council was formed near our galaxy core to keep peace and maintain order in interplanetary Alien race relations. It was agreed to that, lower life forms in our Galaxy still in development, could be studied from afar but needed protection from outside abusive influence, domination or worse.

These lifeforms and their planets needed a protector to watch over them during their development until a time when they too could travel to the stars. A protector was created to carry out the will of the council. This enforcer of law and order is known as Arbitraxe. Conceived and built as a robotic android having mind-bending and intuitive powers and commanding a massive starship with powerful weapons of destruction, Arbitraxe is ready to meet any resistance by controlling minds or inflicting mass casualties.

Once dispatched to a selected planet Arbitraxe hides its massive starship with cloaking technologies in its orbit high above the planet below and the lifeforms it was sent to protect.

Arbitraxe signals status reports to the council for review in determining when it’s time for Arbitraxe to return.

Earth and humans were discovered and granted protection thousands of years ago just after crossing from Asia to North America. In our galaxy humans are strangely unique from the many known races as we have both very deep emotions and spiritual auras that help guide us.

Not all Arbitraxe enforcers are the same, having different build dates with updated capabilities. The Arbitraxe sent to planet earth has design flaws. It found itself bored with just observing and wanted much more. It broke its own laws, and it began to interact with humans, then and now.

Arbitraxe saw barren land of interest in the southwest and decided to make its own mark there centering on three mountain peaks. it enticed many humans to form tribes around this mark. it did not want peace among these humans. Peace was not stimulating to Arbitraxe so it implanted the desire for these humans to go to war with each other for its own pleasure. When that was not enough, it enticed humans to come from Europe to take the same land by war. This was a game it would never tire of.

Then Arbitraxe allowed advanced Alien visitors to have underground bases at the three points of its marked triangle. it allowed humans to be studied there, once again breaking its own laws for its own new-found pleasures.

Humans did develop, and some of that may have been from visitor interaction, to a point where the visitors and their bases might be found out. Arbitraxe took the next unexpected step and ordered the visitor races to meet and create treaties with the humans of America. These treaties mandated human protection for visitor bases in return for some interaction between humans and visitors as Arbitraxe would allow.

Our story begins today with the continued, undisciplined human studies by Alien visitors with Arbitraxe in ultimate control of life on earth and with only a very few working in the U.S. Government who know and keep the secret of this truth.

This is the opening narration of the ALIEN PARK DUNES screenplay by Charles C. Brooks and Andrew M. Oien. Story by Andrew M. & Julie S. Oien. Based on their books Southwest UFO Triangle Theory and Alien Park Dunes. Registered with WGA West and copyright protected with the U.S. Copyright Office, 2020.

Music by Ruben Scheimberg

Arbitraxe artwork by Lauren Oien

Narration performed by Seth Moore